Why choose
a verified professional?

At Handymanmex we take very seriously your project, your security and the trust you have placed in us, we want to create a long term relationship; that is why our commitment is with you.

That is why we have the service of verification of collaborators to which you can access them through the platform.

The verified professionals have gone through a process of data verification as well as corroboration of previous work through recommendations of previous projects. It was verified in the most thorough way, with the frank intention of being the right professional for the activity you need to perform, as well as offering a quote within the market average, that way, you will pay the right price for the work to be done at your home.

How to request services from a verified professional?

Find a professional

Find among our options the professional you are looking for to perform the task you request.

Write your project

Write down what you need, remember that the more detailed, the better the approximation of the quotation.

Become Premium

By paying a premium user fee of $389 per published project, only verified professionals will be able to participate in your project. You will have access to their profiles so you can see pictures and reviews of their previous work and invite them to participate in yours.

Select from profiles

By e-mail we will send you the quotations of our verified professionals.


Once you choose, we will provide you with the means of contact to make your appointment.

Become premium now and enjoy the benefits!

Why Handymanmex?

At Handymanmex we care about the safety of those who visit and hire remodeling, expansion, construction, and/or repair services, that is why these personnel will be requested and/or applied:

Safety comes first

Each collaborator will have a profile to which you will have access, with which we encourage confidence and tranquility to have a record and control of who enters your home and performs the work entrusted.

In addition, Handymanmex will offer you as an added value:

  • Basic information about the candidate(s) you are considering (electronic file):
  • Individual identification, INE
  • CURP
  • Proof of address, etc.

*Pursuant to the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties.