Why do we do it?

At Handymanmex we understand that finding someone to perform remodeling, expansion, construction, and/or repair activities is not easy and we do not know if your investment will be well spent. This is one of the reasons why we have lost confidence in hiring these services. However, we believe in people and their ability to offer excellent quality work and trust, which is why our commitment is to our clients and collaborators and to regaining consumer confidence by hiring professional and qualified people to carry out their projects. Our main objective is to connect the needs of our clients with our collaborators and thus create a network in which we can all grow, resulting in a long-term relationship and always making Handymanmex your first choice.

¿Cómo funciona?

Find a professional

Find among our options the professional you are looking for to perform the task you request.

Write your project

Write down what you need, remember that the more detailed, the better the quote approach.

Receive via e-mail

Receive via e-mail the quotations of the professionals who will be able to develop your project.


Once you have decided who you want to work with, in the next few hours we will email you the profile of the professional.

You're a company and you're looking for a fleet?

Our collaborators are experts in their area of work, so the number of professional people we can provide you with is highly qualified and they were selected through our filters

About us

We are a company that is responsible for linking the needs of maintenance, as well as transforming and renovating your home, office and / or business with the experts who can offer a solution to your needs, with the confidence and security of a job well done and without risk...