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Our collaborators are experts in their area of work, so the number of professional people we can provide you with is highly qualified and they were selected through our filters.

At Handymanmex we are committed to the quality and safety of your projects, which is why we offer you the most qualified, safe and reliable personnel in the market at the click of a button.

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Receive via e-mail the quotation of the Recruitment and Selection of the professionals who can participate in your project.


Once you have decided to hire our services, in the next few hours we will send you by e-mail the profile of the candidates who could collaborate in your project.
Handymanmex is committed to your safety in all aspects, which is why every decision made will be in accordance with and in the direction of your objectives.

Receive documentation

We will send you the corresponding documentation in which you will find the obligations of the professionals and ours towards your company and project. We will have special emphasis in that the personnel interested to integrate to your project lives as close as possible, with the purpose of avoiding the stress to which they are exposed daily by the traffic and the complicated thing of the transfers, besides the cost benefit that this would imply in its economy and emotional state.

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Security and trust

As part of our services, the documents will be available to you upon request, as well as the duly integrated electronic files of the professionals who have been selected and who have agreed to collaborate in your project, as well as signed the acceptance of personal data transfer, all under the rules established in the federal law on personal data protection in the possession of individuals.


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