Promotion and Referral Cash Program


1.1 This program and the terms contained herein are promoted by («Handymanmex») located at Av. Taxqueña 1333 Interior 105-A, Mexico City, 04200, which is intended for its users residing in Mexico over 18 (eighteen) years of age and will remain in effect in the Mexican territory from August 16, 2021 until further notice (the «Effective Period»).

1.2 To participate in the Program, access the «Handymanmex Referral Program» page and follow the instructions described in «How to Participate».

1.3 Participation in this Program is voluntary and free of charge, no purchase of any product by Participants is required.

1.4 This Program does not involve any form of chance, auctions or contests and is based on objective award criteria.

1.5 By joining the Program, Participants automatically agree to Handymanmex’s use of their personal data in accordance with its privacy notice and general terms and conditions of use, which can be found at the following link: Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice and agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this Program, as well as by any other instrument that may be necessary for participation in this Program.

1.6.  The terms of the Program, such as amounts and method of payment, may be modified at any time by Handymanmex provided that Participants are notified. Through the platform and/or personal means of communication.

1.7. By joining the Program, Participants fully and unconditionally accept the terms and conditions of this Program and agree to abide by them, as well as to abide by all decisions of Handymanmex, which, including without limitation decisions regarding eligibility, referrals and interpretation of the terms used in this Program, shall be final; warrants that all information provided by the Participant in connection with the Program is true, accurate and complete as of the date of entry. Handymanmex’s decisions on all matters relating to this Program are final and binding. Handymanmex reserves the right to modify, cancel, terminate or suspend this Program and to disqualify any individual who violates the entry procedures, violates the terms and conditions of the Program, or acts in a disruptive or inappropriate manner.


2.1 To participate in the Rewards Program, you must have your own account on the website («Handymanmex»); be a resident of Mexico and be at least 18 years of age.

2.2 To participate in the Rewards Program, you must have your own account on the website («Handymanmex»); be a resident of Mexico and be at least 18 years of age.

2.4 No other method of participation than the one described above will be accepted. Handymanmex is also under no obligation to verify the identity of the Participants. Handymanmex reserves the right to disqualify multiple entry attempts from the same person, from the same email address, same required data and made by robotic, automatic, repetitive, programmed or similar methods of duplication, and to disqualify any person using such methods.


3.1 Payment of Cash compensation or mobile airtime bonuses are subject to compliance with the terms, duties and obligations set forth in the Program Rules above, including with respect to amounts, compensation and payment conditions, and any deductions from amounts due under the Program Rules that are authorized hereunder.

3.2 Your Cash compensation balance or mobile airtime bonuses must be collected every fifteen days or before such fifteen day period if you reach a limit of $1,750.00 (One Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Pesos .00 MN) in registrations. It is also established that the payment of compensation or mobile airtime bonuses for referrals does not establish in any general or specific case an employment relationship, and that Handymanmex has no liability whatsoever to you for any rights or obligations (other than the payment of referrals based on the foregoing) of a labor or social responsibility nature.

3.3 You can obtain the Cash Compensations or cell phone balance bonuses as soon as the records are validated in verified collaborators by entering the sections of each office. The corresponding Cash Compensations or mobile balance bonuses will be made by cash withdrawal, direct credit to cell phone or electronic transfer (to the account, CLABE interbank or telephone number for airtime crediting provided by the participant).

3.4 Withdrawal of Cash Incentive or mobile airtime bonuses will be subject to the following instructions:

  • You must provide a Payment account to request a cash withdrawal. You must ensure that the Payment account or telephone number information you provide to us is accurate, complete and current, and you will be solely responsible for the consequences of inaccurate or incomplete Payment account or telephone number information. You will bear the consequences of any incorrect information provided with respect to the Payment account or telephone number.
  • When you withdraw compensation or receive airtime, you agree to the terms of our Program, any additional information provided to you by Handymanmex at the time of withdrawal or receiving airtime for your cell phone and the terms provided by the Payment account provider or telephone number, which may include daily limits on withdrawal or credit amounts.

3.5 You agree that we have the absolute right to manage, regulate, control, modify, and/or eliminate the Cash Compensation withdrawal feature or Handymanmex mobile airtime bonuses as we see fit, in any case, general or specific, and that we have no liability to you arising from our exercise of such right.

3.6 Although our goal is to timely fulfill all withdrawal requests for Cash Compensation or mobile airtime bonuses, we do not guarantee that they will be fulfilled within a specific period of time (including, without limitation, any estimated time indicated at the time of withdrawal) and we will not be liable to you or any third party for failure to fulfill a withdrawal request within such time.

3.7 Cash Rewards or mobile airtime bonuses are not transferable to other Handymanmex users.

3.8 Cash compensation or cell phone airtime bonuses will only be given if and only if the complete file of the referred person(s) as stated in Handymanmex’s web page, provided by the participants in this program, is fulfilled. These requirements can be found in the following link.


4.1. Users may be compensated for their participation in the Program through (a) legal tender and/or (b) Mobile Airtime (the «Cash Awards» or «Mobile Airtime»).

4.2 Your balance will be directly reflected in the number of verified referrals posted on the Handymanmex website/page of each trade/verified section.

4.3 You will be able to receive your balance as soon as the participant’s referrals from the «Compensation Program» have been verified, in accordance with the incentive withdrawal criteria. The applicable Cash compensation will then be made directly to the Payment account or cellular number provided by the participant.

4.4 Cash rewards will be subject to these program terms, any additional information provided by Handymanmex at the time of withdrawal and any terms provided by the Payment Account Provider or telephone number responsible for processing and converting the payment to the respective financial institutions or telephone company, which may include daily withdrawal limits or airtime crediting.

4.5 It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide your Payment account or wireless number information correctly. You are responsible for any loss caused by the incorrect provision of Payment account or wireless number information.

4.6 You agree that each withdrawal request will be reviewed and processed by us for security reasons within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt and the reward payment order to be issued within thirty (30) calendar days to the payment method provider (without committing us to the payment method provider’s processing times).

4.7  Cash prizes or mobile airtime bonuses are not transferable to other Handymanmex users.


Activities and rewards may vary from user to user. These include:

5.1 If you wish to refer a new verified user(s) to Handymanmex for Cash rewards, new users must follow these objective criteria:

  1. must not be an existing verified Handymanmex User(s);
  2. must not have been previously referred from to register;
  3. be legal residents of Mexico, at least 18 years of age; and
  4. follow the steps to become a verified user on Handymanmex’s website within 10 days after receiving the Referral Code.


5.2 If a new user is verified on as described above, the user who referred to register this new user will be eligible to receive the Cash or bonus cell phone airtime compensation for the minimum amount equivalent to $35.00 (Thirty Five Pesos .00/100 MN);

5.3 The minimum withdrawal amount will be $35. (Thirty Five Pesos .00/100 MN) which refers to a referral. You can choose to withdraw a defined amount when your money is greater or equal to the defined amount chosen. The rest of your money can be withdrawn when it reaches the defined amount. Users can withdraw only once a day.

5.4 Any balance must be redeemed within 30 days of the last verified referral, after which any balance will be reset to zero.


6.1 We reserve the right to change or cancel the Program and/or these Terms at any time and for any reason. Any referrals of new contributors after the date of change or cancellation of the Program will not be eligible for any cash prizes.


7.1 We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to disqualify any user of the Cash Award Program if we have reasonable grounds to believe that the Participant:

  • Has adulterated or attempted to adulterate the process or operation of the reward system;
  • You have violated these Program terms or the Terms of Use of the Handymanmex platform.
  • I provide information without the consent of the referral and/or referrals,
  • Has committed acts with the intent to harass or harm any other person;
  • You have misrepresented, abused or engaged in any illegal or criminal activity (including fraud) in connection with the Referral Program.
  • For security reasons and to avoid fraudulent practices, we may avoid disclosing all payment methods to users suspected of engaging in the conduct described in this article.

7.2 Each of the parties (both the User of the Handymanmex platform) will be individually responsible for their corresponding tax obligations in each region, which may arise from participation in the Program.

7.3 By participating in this program, Users accept the official rules described herein and the decisions of Handymanmex. Handymanmex shall not be liable for any technical, hardware, software or inherent defects in telephone equipment of any kind and shall not be liable for any loss or unavailability of network connections, failures, incompleteness, inaccuracies or delays caused by you or any equipment or programming associated with or utilized in this Program or for any human or non-human error that may occur in the processing of this Program. If you have any questions, please contact us at

7.4 In no event shall Handymanmex and/or the Released Parties, or their parents, affiliates, subsidiaries and related companies, their advertising or promotion agencies or their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, contractors and agents (collectively «Releasees») be liable for lost, late, misdirected, incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate entries or entry information. In addition, the Releasees assume no responsibility and are not liable for any: (1) problem or technical malfunction of any type of telephone or computer network or telephone lines, computers, servers or providers, computer equipment, hardware or software, or (2) error, interruption, defect, delay or failure of operations or transmission to properly process entries, including but not limited to inaccurate transmission, or Handymanmex’s failure to receive entry information due to technical problems or traffic on the Internet or any website, or (3), communication breakdown or other forces beyond Handymanmex’s reasonable control, including inability to access Handymanmex’s website, submit entries or other disruption related to Internet traffic, viruses, bugs or unauthorized intervention; or (4) damages or losses of any kind, including direct, incidental, consequential or punitive damages to the participant or any other person or property which may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the user’s participation in the Program, by accessing and using any Internet site associated with Handymanmex or by downloading any material from the Handymanmex web site, regardless of whether the material was prepared by Handymanmex or by a third party, and regardless of whether the material is connected to the Handymanmex web site by a hypertext link.


8.1 All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation and enforceability of the Program, or the rights and obligations of the participant and Handymanmex in connection with the Program, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Existing Agreement. Except where the relationship between Handymanmex and its users under the Program qualifies as a relationship subject to consumer protection rules under local law. Local law shall govern the relationship and the courts of the country in which the user resides shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with these Terms.