How much do Handymanmex's services cost?

Our goal is to link professionals with the needs of customers, which is why in order to receive information and quotes from these partners, you will have to register and choose the membership plan that best suits your needs.

Remember that according to the level of membership you acquire you will have access to more benefits.

  • Quotations.
  • Information on professional collaborators.
  • Photographic documentary of their work.
  • As well as multiple recommendations

How much do the services of professionals cost?

The cost of the activity of remodeling, expansion, construction, and / or repair to be performed by the experts assigned may be different based on the information provided, which is why we will ask you to describe in detail the activities to be performed, this will allow them to make the appropriate budget that we will send you via email from the different professionals, the quotes for the implementation of your project will be monitored until it is accepted by both parties.

¿Cómo formalizo las actividades a realizar con el profesional de mi elección?

After the visit of the professional you have chosen and you have accepted his budget that was sent to you via email, the advance and payment must be made by transfer, deposit and/or bank reference in the account of the professional who will perform the work. Handymanmex does not intervene in the agreed monetary cost (professional/client) for the work to be done.

This means is your proof of payment for the agreed service.

How do I know that the person who comes to my house can be trusted?

All Handymanmex employees are selected based on established filters such as: current documentation (Official Identification, proof of address, Tel. etc), as well as verifiable references and, if required, psychometric tests.

Is my data private?

The data collected on Handymanmex.com, as well as the information provided for professional collaborators to come to your home to perform remodeling, expansion, construction, and/or repair activities, are protected by the Federal Law on Personal Data Protection.

What if I am not satisfied with the first visit of the professional?

Within the platform you will find sufficient information and even photographic evidence of the type of work and finishes that the collaborators do, being an excellent example of the quality of their activities, with the objective that you select the most suitable person for your requirements.

However, if this is not the case, you can always return to the platform to choose another professional or choose another of the quotes sent to you.

Can I cancel the Handymanmex.com service at any time?

Of course, remember that the platform is a visualization portal of contacts of specialists and professionals for remodeling, expansion, construction, and/or repair services.

Handymanmex.com does not charge any kind of monetary compensation for hiring the services of our partners.

Should I have some kind of tool or material available?

The experts who are going to carry out remodeling, expansion, construction, and/or repair activities, will bring tools to fulfill your project, however, the necessary materials must be provided by the contractor.

Do I have a warranty?

Our commitment to you is that you can be sure that the person who will come to your home to carry out your project is a professional, expert and reliable, so we take care of selecting that person with the highest standards of quality.

Based on your level of membership you will have the possibility to select from several candidates, which means that you will not only have an expert, but you will have at least one more professional to back you up.


I am a professional in my area. How can I be present at Handymanmex.com?

At Handymanmex.com we are committed to helping you increase your income. Leave us your details in the Join Our Team section and we will contact you shortly.

I want to be on Handymanmex.com. What do I have to do?

Fill in the form in the section Join our team and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to collaborate with Handymanmex.com?

In the section Join our team you will find the plans/memberships available to be among the first options to hire your services.